CEU Cast

The Convenient Way to Earn Continuing Education Online for the Oklahoma Mental Health Professional

Earning Continuing Education Credit

To earn continuing education credit for a CEU Cast episode, simply

1. Listen to the show or read the transcript (if you have already heard the show through a podcast service such as Itunes or Google Play there is no need to listen to it again, the content is the same) or watch the recorded webinar.

2. Enroll in the course and pay the small fee.

3. Take the short quiz.

After completing 100% of the course (as indicated by the progress bar) you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion.

Course Approval

All courses are approved for continuing education credit by the:

Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health

Oklahoma Board of Social Work

Oklahoma Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (courses will indicate if it is approved for Drug and Alcohol "specific" CEs or if it counts as "non-specific" CEs)

But, wait, what if I am a mental health professional from another state?

We believe the content of CEU Cast will be invaluable for all mental health professionals. Please check with you state board to insure that a CEU Cast will count for continuing education hours for your state licensure.

CEU vs. CE

There is currently some confusion in the field reguarding the term "Continuing Education Unit" (CEU) and "Continuing Education" (CE). In our area of the country the common vernacular frequently refers to one hour of continuing education to be "1 CEU". However, the National Board of Certified Counselors specifically asks continuing education providers to refer to one hour of continuing education as 1 CE. On our website and in our shows you may hear the terms used interchangeably. For our purposes "One CEU" and "One CE" refer to one hour of continuing education credit.


For questions or comments about CEU Cast, please email our Director, Micah Perkins, at [email protected]